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Welcome to the South, Welcome to Andalucia!



This is our signature camp and the most visited one, far South in Andalusia, with more than 400 permanent controls and ca. 32 sq kms of varied and gentle sand dune terrain, most of it very recently made or reviewed by our cartographers. This camp is quite unique as it is ‘step out the door’ of the apartment and start orienteering. The weather conditions are mostly mild, prices very competitive. Apart from forest terrains, this part of Andalusia has multiple white villages, superb for Sprint orienteering!

Regional competition 11th to 12th February 2023
Official SportIdent trainings 6th-9th February 2023


This camp is available all year long. From 2023 we will include a system of “virtual controls”: O-Range (for Garmin watches). This way, you can run the courses at any moment, and get a signal from your watch when you reach the control!

In addition,

  • Colored control tapes (at some of the trainings) will be in the forest and regularly checked by our staff  between 15Jan2023 and 15Mar2023
  • Rest of year: tapes might still be there but this is not at all guaranteed. Virtual-controls systems will be available.

There are several permanent and organized (sportident) trainings for you to do the days before the event. You can book complete packages including accommodation but also maps only!

SportIdent trainings

Date Code Type Map
06-feb BA23-06 First leg relay La Breña
07-feb BA23-10 One runner relay La Breña
08-feb BA23-08 10*500m La Breña
09-feb BA23-11 One runner relay La Breña

Starts from 10.00 to 11.30 (picking controls at 13.00).
Bring your own map and join the training! No registration is needed.

[NEW] Book your maps directly via our partner and get your package at the picking-up point. We recommend you book your maps at least 10 days prior to your arrival.


Terrains are generally fast to very fast, with lots of details, flat and hilly, sand dunes and pines, mixed with some low bushes, especially near the coast.

The sprint maps are in fantastic Andalusian white villages, often challenging with narrow streets and corners, low in traffic.

Barbate area


Block: Sandy dunes . La Breña

Code Mode Type Map Length Parking Tapes? Virtual?
BA23-01 2x courses Prologue + Final La Breña 3.1k + 3.7k 36.193714, -5.994118 Yes Yes
BA23-02 2x courses Prologue + Final La Breña 2.1k + 3.8k 36.200383, -5.952027 Yes Yes
BA23-03 Full course Middle La Breña 6.4k 36.197005, -5.982144 Yes Yes
BA23-04 Full course Middle La Breña 6.5k 36.197005, -5.982144 Yes Yes
BA23-05 Full course Long La Breña 15.4k 36.187066, -5.928653 Yes Yes
BA23-06 Intervals (forked) 6x1k La Breña 7.2k 36.200383, -5.952027 Yes Yes
BA23-07 Intervals (forked) 4×1.5k La Breña 7.0k 36.187066, -5.928653 Yes Yes
BA23-08 Intervals (unforked) 10*500m La Breña 5.1k 36.196056, -5.926689 Yes Yes
BA23-09 Intervals (unforked) 10*500m La Breña 5.4k 36.197005, -5.982144 Yes Yes
BA23-10 Mass start One runner relay La Breña 6.5k 36.187066, -5.928653 Yes Yes
BA23-11 Mass start One runner relay La Breña 7.2k 36.193714, -5.994118 Yes Yes
BA23-12 Mass start First leg relay La Breña 8.3k 36.193714, -5.994118 Yes Yes
BA23-13 Multitechnique Corridor + Windows La Breña 5.8k 36.197005, -5.982144 Yes Yes
BA23-14 Multitechnique Contours + Corridor La Breña 6.1k 36.187066, -5.928653 Yes Yes
BA23-15 Multitechnique Windows + Corridor La Breña 6.5k 36.193714, -5.994118 Yes Yes
BA23-16 Multitechnique Long legs contours La Breña 9.4k 36.197005, -5.982144 Yes Yes


Block: Sprint

Code Mode Type Map Length Parking Tapes? Virtual?
BA23-17 Knockout Semifinal + Final Conil 2.2k + 2.3k 36.276103, -6.093131 No Yes
BA23-18 Full course Sprint Vejer 4.2k 36.255427, -5.966965 No Yes
BA23-19 Full course Sprint Caños de Meca 3.5k 36.187176, -6.019118 No Yes
BA23-20 Full course Sprint Barbate 3.5k 36.189088, -5.921273 No Yes
BA23-21 Full course Sprint Medina Sidonia 3.5k 36.455182, -5.927765 No Yes


Block: Additional

Code Mode Type Map Length Parking Tapes? Virtual?
BA23-22 Intervals (unforked) 5x1k Lentiscal 5.1k 36.080505, -5.759443 Yes Yes
BA23-23 Full course One runner relay Lentiscal 6.3k 36.080505, -5.759443 Yes Yes


Do you want new experiences? Have you ever tried Cadiz inland? If the answer are yes & no, have a look below!

Code Type Map Length Parking
CA22-01 Sprint Arcos de la Frontera 1,9km 36.747987, -5.806563
CA22-02 Sprint El Bosque 2,3km 36.757230, -5.506451
CA22-03 Sprint Zahara de la Sierra 2,0km 36.842597, -5.393100
CA22-04 Middle Llanos del Campo 4,7km 36.755277, -5.455268
CA22-05 Sprint Ubrique 2,0km 36.679138, -5.444423
CA22-06 Longer Middle Bornos 7,4km 36.812876, -5.757688
CA22-07 Long Llanos del Campo 11,5km 36.755277, -5.455268
CA22-08 Sprint Grazalema 3,2km 36.758885, -5.364710
CA22-09 Intervals Llanos del Campo 7,0km 36.754149, -5.443654
CA22-10 Middle Bornos 4,0km 36.812876, -5.757688
CA22-11 Sprint Algodonales 3,7km 36.880371, -5.405048
CA22-12 Middle Puente de las Navas 5,4km 36.882846, -5.448142
CA22-13 Middle Zahara de la Sierra 3,8km 36.842597, -5.393100
CA22-14 Sprint Arcos de la Frontera 2,8km 36.750000, -5.814900
CA22-15 Intervals Prado del Rey 5,3km 36.787292, -5.556830
CA22-16 1 Man Relay La Morla 8,3km 36.736435, -5.747851
CA22-17 Knock Out Arcos de la Frontera 1,5+1,6+1,6km 36.742192, -5.796848
CA22-18 1 Man Relay Arcos de la Frontera 2,9km 36.747904, -5.793869
CA22-19 Sprint Ubrique 3,1km 36.678999, -5.446091
CA22-20 Intervals Algodonales 4,9km 36.880592, -5.406738
CA22-21 Long Arcos de la Frontera 7,3km 36.747987, -5.806563


— We recommend Apartamentos Playa Barbate , a (newer) 3 star complex with fully equipped apartments (2/4p) located on the beachfront of Barbate.The forest and o-maps are 850m away. There are numerous bars and restaurants within a short walk . Amenities:

  • Outdoor  infinity pool, Wi-Fi
  • A private terrace with partial sea views.
  • Air-conditioned apartments with flat-screen satellite TV and a sofa.
  • The kitchen includes a hob, and microwave, as well as a coffee maker.

TO GET THE BEST DEAL: Contact us and we will make the booking for you with the best price and the extra support of our SunO staff (instead of booking directly from the accommodation`s website).

— A new accommodation, Pinar de San José,  has become recently a Sun-O partner. This accommodation offers a great location  in a quiet and nice environment with direct access to the map La Breña (west side). You can choose between different types of bungalows depending on the capacity and facilities you need. Amenities:

  • Outside swimming pool (not heated)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free WIFI and climatization.
  • Included bedlinen and towels.
  • Restaurant and supermarket in the facilities.

TO GET THE BEST DEAL: You can book your bungalow directly on the website Pinar de San José, including the promotion code Sun-o when you are making your reservation and you will get a discount. The code is valid from 1st Dec 2022 – 30th May 2023. Use the code and you will get a gift!!


  • Inside swimming pools, for recovery or alternative trainings, are available in Barbate and Conil
  • Bike rental at our partner accommodation (Pinar de San José), from where you can take the huge bike line and move by the surroundings without using the main roads. We can also put you in touch with mountain or road bikes rental services, based in Conil, who can deliver bikes to the apartments (Conil Bikes) or (Cameleon Sports) or (Bike Rental Vejer de la Frontera)
  • Barbate has a few fitness/gyms which will receive you with open arms. Just ask the apartments reception or manager. 
  • Athletics Tracks are available in Chiclana de la Frontera (35km) and Medina Sidonia (44km)


Sponsors & Partners

Aditional Info

  • Contact us for any question or inquiry
  • Discount of 5% for groups (12p or more)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • NOT included: Rentacar, flights , Entries to competitions

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