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11,12,13 February 2022



Night prologue

11th Feb 2022

Classic distance

12th Feb 2022

Chasing start

13th Feb 2022


Stage 1. Mass start 19.30
Stage 2. Published 10/2
Stage 3. Published 12/2


Sun – O is proud to present again a new race organized in the
spectacular Natural Park of La Breña, which will consist of three
races, on February 11 we will have, in Los Majales del Sol, a night race
with Mass Start; On February 12, a classic distance race will be held
in the Breña Este area, and finally, a hunt race calculated with the
computation of the two previous races, in which the champion of
our trophy will be proclaimed.


Barbate – Caños de Meca (Cádiz – Spain)


Sevilla – 119 km; Faro – 116 km; Malaga – 331 km; Lisbon – 375 km; Madrid – 636 km


Sun-O Andalucia

Raúl Ferra & Pablo de la Pascua

Javier Martinez

Pedro Pasión

Artem Panchenko, Mykyta Zviahin & Maria Tymoshchuk

Agustín Caballero y Juan Alberto

Playa Barbate


(Spanish athletes with license FEDO or FPO)
(Foreign athletes without license FEDO or FPO)
3 events (Night prologue, Classic distance, Chasing start) M/W-20 or younger 8 euros per race 10 euros per race
M/W-21 or older 9 euros per race 11 euros per race
M/W Elite 10 euros per race 12 euros per race
Open 6 euros per race 8 euros per race


Class Age
Open Amarillo (short and easy) No restrictions
Open Rojo (medium length and difficulty) No restrictions
M/W 14 14 years old or less in 2022
M/W 17 17 years old or less in 2022
M/W 21 No restictions
M/W Elite No restrictions (elite classes)
M/W 40 40 years old or more in 2022
M/W 55 55 years old or more in 2022


Classes – E1 / E2 / E3

W14 – 3,1km/30m 4,9km/100m 3,2km/70m
W17 – 5km/40m 6,3km/200m 4,3km/100m
W21 – 5km/40m 6,9km/200m 5,3km/130m
WE – 5,3km/50m 7,2km/250m 5,7km/130m
W40 – 5km/40m 6,4m/210m 4,6km/100m
W55 – 3,1km/30m 5,5km/200m 4,2km/90m
M14 – 5km/40m 5,3km/110m 4,5km/100m
M17 – 5,3km/50m 7,0km/200m 5,2km/115m
M21 – 5,3km/50m 7,1km/250m 5,7km/115m
ME – 6,2km/60m 8,6km/260m 6,3km/135m
M40 – 5,3km/50m 7,2km/240m 5,3km/115m
M55 – 5km/40m 6,2km/235m 4,7km/115m
Open Amarillo – 2,2km/20m 2km/40m 1,9km/30m
Open Rojo – 3,1km/30m 4,7km/70m 3,4km/70m


IBAN ES3300730100510484733456
SPAIN ACCOUNT 0073 0100 51 0484733456
ACCOUNT HOLDER Club Deportivo Sun-O Andalucia
Calle Castilblanco arroyos 6, 1-F,
41927 Mairena del Aljarafe
BANK Open Bank
Plaza Manuel Gómez Moreno, nº 2
28020 Madrid
SUBJECT Entry Fees – Club xxx – BARBATECUP


There are several permanent and organised (sportident) trainings for you to do the days before the event. You can book complete packages including accomodation but also maps only!

SportIdent trainings*

Code Map Training Location Date/Time active
BA22-05 La Breña Middle distance 36.196884, -5.982118 8th Feb (10-12am)
BA22-04 La Breña One man relay  36.196884, -5.982118 9th Feb (10-12am)

*(this trainings will be active with SI system at the times below, the rest of the time they will be marked with regular tapes)

*(book your map through our system and just go to the place with your map, no need for pre-registration).


The final classification of the Sun-O Cup trophy will be the sum of the three races (Night, Classic and Hunting), with the winner being the first to arrive in the Hunting.

Night prologue

Friday 11th Februar 2022 (sunset)

Night race with mass start and fair forking. The race will run on the Map of Los Majales del Sol, which is made up of differentiated areas, in which the micro-relief and the vegetation will be the protagonists throughout the night. A race that will have great speed, where reading speed and anticipation will prevail over control.

18:30 – Opening of the Competition Center (Majales del Sol)
19:30 – Mass Start
21:00 – Finish line closing

The classes M/W Elite; M/W 21; M/W 40; M/W 17; M55 and M14, have a MapChange, but both sides are printed on the same sheet, without having to give a new map.The last control will be punched twice, the first time you will enter from a marked corridor and you will have to go through the Start Triangle. The second time, after punching the last control, the runner will run directly to the finish line.

Classic distance

Saturday 12th February (morning)

Classic distance with individual start. Winner time around 50′. The race will run on the Map of Breña Este, which is made up of three very different zones, one of micro-relief and semi-open, another in which there is practically no vegetation or relief, where the speed of the race will be maximum, and finally, one with relief and many green parts, where route choices will be paramount. It is communicated that there is a distance of 2.5km from the competition center to the start.

9:30 – Opening of the Competition Center (Recinto Ferial de Barbate)
10:30 – First Start
14:00 – Finish line closing

Chasing Start

Sunday 13th February (morning)

Middle distance with chasing start, according to the results of the previous two stages. The last map that will be held in Piñera Grande, a perfect map for this type of race due to its great race speed, where the most important thing will be to maintain concentration throughout the race, and as in the previous maps, there are different highly differentiated areas, where and will intersperse the smooth relief, and on the slope, with areas of micro-relief.

9:30 – Opening of the Competition Center (Piñera Grande)
10:30 – First Start
14:00 – Finish line closing

“La Breña” (Barbate – Caños de Meca).

Imagen 8

Nocturna/Night Race
36°11’37.4″N 5°59’38.7″W

36°11’14.5″N 5°55’59.3″W

Salida a la Caza/Hunting
36°11’57.9″N 5°57’08.4″W

IMPORTANT. For the stage 3, the access should be through San Ambrosio. The southern road will be closed to the traffic.


— We recommend Apartamentos Playa Barbate , a (newer) 3 star complex with fully equipped apartments (2/4p) located on the beachfront of Barbate.The forest and o-maps are 850m away. There are numerous bars and restaurants within a short walk . Amenities:

  • Outdoor  infinity pool, Wi-Fi
  • A private terrace with partial sea views.
  • Air-conditioned apartments with flat-screen satellite TV and a sofa.
  • The kitchen includes a hob, and microwave, as well as a coffee maker.

TO GET THE BEST DEAL: Contact us and we will make the booking for you with the best price and the extra support of our SunO staff (instead of booking directly from the accommodation`s website).


— A new accommodation, Pinar de San José,  has become recently a Sun-O partner. This accommodation offers a great location  in a quiet and nice environment with direct access to the map La Breña (west side). You can choose between different types of bungalows depending on the capacity and facilities you need. Amenities:

  • Outside swimming pool (not heated)
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free WIFI and climatization.
  • Included bedlinen and towels.
  • Restaurant and supermarket in the facilities.

TO GET THE BEST DEAL: You can book your bungalow directly in the website Pinar de San José, including the promotion code Sun-o when you are making your reservation and you will get a discount. Th code is valid from 1st Dec 2021 – 30th May 2022.