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9 days of fun trainings and competition in surprising Murcia!

Murcia O-Festival


The festival starts with a weekend of regional competitions at the Coast and West part of Murcia (Aguilas & Lorca), followed by 4 days of Sportident trainings in the Northern part of the Murcia region. You will end in style with the Costa Calida / COMOF WRE weekend near Bullas (North as well).


  • Sat 16 Feb: Lorca O Meeting (Aguilas – Coast), Middle distance
  • Sun 17 Feb: Lorca O Meeting (Fuente Atocha, Lorca – Inland), Long Distance Mass start
  • Mon to Thu 18-21 Feb: organized training camp with SI trainings
    • Mon 18Feb: SI Training Sierra Moreras (for those staying at the Coast)
    • Mon 18Feb: Training Llano de Arriba (for those staying at Murcia North)
    • Tue 19Feb: SI training Sierra del Molino (Murcia North)
    • Wed 20Feb: SI training Canada de Canara (Murcia North)
    • Thu 21Feb: SI training Aceniche (Murcia North)
    • Additional trainings will be available to allow you to train 2-3 times per day!*
  • Fri 22Feb: Costa Calida (Aceniche), Model event
  • Sat 23Feb: Costa Calida (La Minas, Cehegín), Long Distance WRE
  • Sat 23Feb: Costa Calida (Bullas), Sprint
  • Sun 24Feb: Costa Calida (La Copa, Bullas), Middle Distance WRE


Terrains near the coast are dry and rocky, some with easy to run soft soil, some with tougher rocky soil, lots of contours, tricky route choices and stunning views over the ocean.

Terrains in Murcia central and north area have been used for Wold Cup 2014; are rough, with pine forest and semi-open, detailed, plenty of valleys, spurs, gullies and gentle climbs.


We offer training packages of different sizes in the Murcia region, depending where and how long you stay and how much you want to train. We will be offering the following, all bookable separately through our reservation tool:

  • MINI (4 trainings) and MAXI (6 trainings) packages for the NORTH. The MINI pack contains the organized trainings.
  • MINI (2) and MAXI (4) packages for the EAST
  • MINI (2) for the WEST
  • MINI (2) and MAXI (4) packages for the  Southern COAST. The MINI contains the organized training of Monday 18Feb.
Package Code Training Type Distance GPS Map Name Scale Tapes Organized Training Driving distance from Caravaca Driving distance from Mazarrón Driving distance from La Marina
NORTH MINI/MAXI MU19-01 1 Man Relay 11,1km 38.071024, -1.948392 LLANO DE ARRIBA 1/10000 Yes 18Feb 1530-17h, flags 00:24 01:32 01:43
NORTH MINI/MAXI MU19-02 Intervals 8,0km 38.20444, -1.66495 SIERRA DEL MOLINO 1/10000 Yes 19Feb 10-13h, SI 00:27 01:11 01:22
NORTH MINI/MAXI MU19-03 Longer Middle 5,9km 38.10302, -1.7479 CAÑADA DE CANARA 1/10000 Yes 20Feb 10-13h, SI 00:17 01:15 01:26
NORTH MINI/MAXI MU19-04 Middle 6.8km 38.114411, -1.860628 EL PIZCALEJO 1/10000 Yes 21Feb 10-13h,
00:33 01:19 01:33
NORTH MAXI MU19-05 Shortened Long 7,4km 38.051753, -1.754483 SIERRA DE BURETE 1/10000 Yes 00:18 01:15 01:26
NORTH MAXI MU19-06 City Sprint 2,9km 38.09632, -1.80144 CEHEGÍN SPRINT 1/4000 No 00:08 01:11 01:22
EAST MINI/MAXI MU19-07 Long 13,1km 38.07547, -1.10141 COTO CUADROS 1/15000 Yes 00:54 00:51 00:40
EAST MINI/MAXI MU19-08 Middle 5,4km 37.91819, -1.37442 SIERRA DEL CURA 1/10000 Yes 00:51 00:42 01:07
EAST MAXI MU19-09 Longer Middle 6,4km 37.92869, -1.14648 EL VALLE 1/10000 Yes 00:55 00:53 00:57
EAST MAXI MU19-10 Middle 5.4km
38.094485, -1.088666
COTO CUADROS 1/10000 Yes 00:54 00:51 00:40
WEST MINI MU19-11 City Sprint 1+1 TBD 37.68011, -1.69723 LORCA URBANO 1/4000 No 00:53 00:41 01:26
WEST MINI MU19-12 Short 2,8km 37.7097, -1.67726 EL OASIS – LORCA 1/10000 No 00:56 00:44 01:28
COAST MINI/MAXI MU19-13 Long 9,0km 37.56339, -1.31996 SIERRA DE LAS MORERAS 1/10000 Yes 18Feb 10-1200h,
01:22 00:10 01:29
COAST MINI/MAXI MU19-14 Middle 5,5km 37.595702, -1.326074 MINAS MAZARRÓN 1/5000 Yes 01:12 00:07 01:15
COAST MAXI MU19-15 City Sprint 3,0km 37.563797, -1.313583 BOLNUEVO URBANO 1/5000 No 01:18 00:05 01:25
COAST MAXI MU19-16 Middle 5,3km 37.482429, -1.463294 CALA BLANCA 1/10000 No 01:31 00:30 01:35


Want to stay the full period in the same place for the 9 days of Murcia Festival? We recommend Apartamentos Aixa 1 & Aixa 2, Caravaca de la Cruz (North of Murcia Region), 15min drive from Bullas, competition centre for Costa Calida and very well located for the SunO trainings.

Apartamentos Aixa 1 & Aixa 2, Caravaca de la Cruz are 2 buildings are located ca. 700 apart from each other, in the outskirts of the  Caravaca city center. Apartments are fully equipped, have kitchenette for own cooking, fully equipped bathroom, air-conditioned. All apartments have a sofa bed which accommodates one or two (small) persons, if really required.

Booking: we recommend you use SUNO2019, our promo code (cod promocional) during the booking process on hotel website, which should  provide you discounted rates AND increased availability during the Murcia festival.
Alternatively, you can search area accommodation on

If you prefer to see different areas of Murcia and don’t mind changing accommodation? in that case, we recommend you stay in Hotel Playa Grande, (Mazarron, Coast) from Saturday to Monday/Tuesday (SI training at the Coast on Monday) and in  Apartamentos Aixa 1 & Aixa from Monday/Tuesday to Sunday.

Hotel Playa Grande  is a nicely located beach- front (3 stars) in Puerto de Mazarrón. The hotel has a cosy restaurant and bar with a nice terrace next to the swimming pool. The hotel has double or twin rooms, with private bathrooms.
Booking: best rates can be obtained on


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Aditional Info

  • Contact us for any question or inquiry
  • Discount of 5% for groups (12p or more)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • NOT included: Rentacar, flights , Entries to competitions