Sun-O | Murcia Inland DIY Camp
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Welcome to the South, Welcome to Andalucia!



More than 400 permanent controls are waiting for you in the rought Murcia inland terrain!


This DIY camp is available all year long. In addition,

  • For forest trainings, colored control tapes will be put and regularly checked by our staff  between 15Jan2021 and 15Mar2021
  • Rest of year: tapes might still be there but this is not at all guaranteed. You can still train though


Terrains in Murcia have been used for Wold Cup 2014; are rough, with pine forest and semi-open, detailed, plenty of valleys, spurs, gullies and gentle climbs.


We offer training packages of different sizes in the Murcia region, depending where and how long you stay and how much you want to train. We will be offering the following, all bookable separately through our reservation tool:

  • MINI and MAXI packages in  for the NORTH, EAST, WEST of the Murcia Region
  • optionally, you can also visit the COAST, where we will have MINI (3) and MAXI (6) packages
Package Code Training Type Distance GPS Map Name Scale Driving Time* Tapes**
NORTH MINI-MAXI MU21-01 Middle 6 km 38.134840, -1.731079 COTO MARAVILLAS 1/10000
NORTH MINI-MAXI MU21-02 Control picking 5,7 km 38.049899, -1.753316 BURETE 1/10000
NORTH MINI-MAXI MU21-03 City Sprint 3,7 km 38.096576, -1.801767 CEHEGÍN CITY (Isom2019) 1/4000
NORTH MINI-MAXI MU21-04 City Sprint 4,2 km 38.045814, -1.675092 BULLAS CITY (Isom2019) 1/5000
NORTH MAXI MU21-05 Long 10,6 km 38.156148, -1.704752 COTO MARAVILLAS 1/15000
NORTH MAXI MU21-06 Mass start 5,2 km 38.093720, -1.661894 LA COPA 1/10000
EAST MINI-MAXI MU21-07 1 Man Relay 6,6 km 38.082870, -1.094113 COTO CUADROS 1/10000
EAST MINI-MAXI MU21-08 Mass start 5 km 38.594349, -1.152327 FUENTE LA HIGUERA (Yecla) 1/10000
EAST MINI-MAXI MU21-09 Long 9,1 km 38.377992, -1.019391 PINOSO 1/10000
EAST MAXI MU21-10 Shortened Long 8,3 km 38.076397, -1.150714 COTO CUADROS 1/10000
EAST MAXI MU21-11 Shortened Long 7,6 km 38.594349, -1.152327 FUENTE LA HIGUERA (Yecla) 1/15000
EAST MAXI MU21-12 Middle 4,6 km 37.918155, -1.374397 SIERRA DEL CURA – Los Forestales 1/10000
WEST MINI-MAXI MU21-13 Middle 5,3 km 37.822307, -1.489545 CALARES DE JUANA 1/7500
WEST MINI-MAXI MU21-14.1 City Sprint 2.9 km 37.680037, -1.696932 Lorca City 1/4000
WEST MINI-MAXI MU21-14.2 City Sprint 3.1 km 37.680037, -1.696932 Lorca City 1/4000
WEST MAXI MU21-15 Shortened Long 6,9 km 37.868750, -1.521370 SIERRA ESPUÑA 1/10000
WEST MAXI MU21-16 Middle 5 km 37.709831, -1.677462 EL OASIS 1/7500
COAST MINI-MAXI MU21-17 Middle 4.4 km 37.595610, -1.326672 LAS MINAS Mazzagon 1/5000
COAST MINI-MAXI MU21-18 Shortened Long 5 km 37.563349, -1.320131 SIERRA DE LAS MORERAS 1/10000
COAST MINI-MAXI MU21-19 City Sprint 3,8 km 37.404946, -1.578534 ÁGUILAS CITY 1/4000
COAST MAXI MU21-20 Middle 3,6 km 37.482757, -1.464295 CALA BLANCA 1/7500
COAST MAXI MU21-21 Middle 5,1 km 37.431427, -1.520315 PLAYA DEL ARROZ (CALABARDINA) 1/7500
COAST MAXI MU21-22 Sprint 3.8 km 37.564032, -1.313632 BOLNUEVO CITY 1/5000



Apartamentos Aixa 1 & Aixa 2, based in Caravaca de la Cruz, the Northern part of Murcia. The 2 buildings are located ca. 700 apart from eachother, in the outskirts of the small city center. Apartments are fully equiped, have kitchenette for own cooking, fully equipped bathroom, air-conditioned. All apartments have a sofabed which accomodates one or two (small) persons, if really required. You can Book through this linkl. Alternatively, we recommend you look for a place in the area of Bullas or Cehegin.



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Sponsors & Partners

Aditional Info

  • Contact us for any question or inquiry
  • Discount of 5% for groups (12p or more)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • NOT included: Rentacar, flights , Entries to competitions