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Welcome to the South, Welcome to Murcia!



our camp was just fantastic, everything went well and we like the varying terrain and the good quality of the maps‘ (Rachel Engeler, coach of Swiss Regional Team. This camp is small and has 5  maps (2016) around the bay of Mazarron, located in the Sierra de Almenara, a mining area since centuries. It has many unspoiled beaches, coves and rocky areas. This camp is ideal for a period of 2 to 5 days, and you can combine it with the Murcia Inland or Alicante camp, either by changing accommodation, either by day-trips.


This DIY camp is available all year long. However, to note that:
Colored control tapes will be in the forest and regularly checked by our staff  between 01Feb2020 and 15Mar2020.
Rest of year: tapes might still be there but this is not at all guaranteed.


Terrains in this area are dry and rocky, some with easy to run soft soil, some with tougher rocky soil. One of the trainings is in Minas de Mazarron, an ex-mining area. Another training is around Castillitos, and old military fort with stunning views and many tricky ins and outs. Rest of trainings are mainly coastal, with losts of countours and tricky route choices.




We offer training packages of different sizes in the Murcia region, depending where and how long you stay and how much you want to train. We will be offering the following, all bookable separately through our reservation tool:

  • MINI (3 trainings) and MAXI (5 trainings) packages at the COAST.
  • You can also combine these with maps of  Murcia Inland (by day-trips or changing hotels more North):
    • MINI (2 trainings) and MAXI (4 trainings) in the EAST of Murcia region (ca. 40 mins drive from the coast)
    • MINI (4 trainings) and MAXI (7 trainings) in  for the NORTH (ca. 90 mins drive from the coast)
Package Code Training Type Distance GPS Map Name Scale Stripes / Tapes Date Tapes in Forest Organized Training
NORTH MINI/MAXI MU20-01 Mass start 5.0km 38.134955, -1.731340 COTO MARAVILLAS 1/10000 Yes 01-Feb
NORTH MINI/MAXI MU20-02 Middle 3,8km 38.051750, -1.754472 BURETE 1/7500 Yes 01-Feb
NORTH MINI/MAXI MU20-03 Middle 5.1km 38.093686, -1.661778 LA COPA 1/10000 Yes 01-Feb
NORTH MINI/MAXI MU20-04 City Sprint 2,9km 38.050198, -1.664950 BULLAS CITY 1/5000 No
NORTH MAXI MU20-05 Long 9.5km 38.156160, -1.704627 COTO MARAVILLAS 1/10000 Yes 01-Feb
NORTH MAXI MU20-06 Longer Middle 6,0km 38.051750, -1.754472 BURETE 1/10000 Yes 01-Feb
NORTH MAXI MU20-07 City Sprint 2,0km 38.09632, -1.80144 CEHEGÍN CITY 1/4000 No
EAST MINI/MAXI MU20-08 Mass start 5,5Km 38.075422, -1.101499 COTO CUADROS 1/10000 Yes 01-Feb SI, Wed 26Feb, 10-13h
EAST MINI/MAXI MU20-09 Middle 5,2km 37.918198, -1.374424 SIERRA DEL CURA – Los Forestales 1/10000 Yes 02-Feb SI, Wed 26Feb, 15-17h
EAST MAXI MU20-10 Forest Sprint 3,7 km 37.928652, -1.146474 EL VALLE 1/5000 Yes 01-Feb
EAST MAXI MU20-11 Middle 5.3km 38.094017, -1.096672 COTO CUADROS 1/10000 Yes 01-Feb
COAST MINI/MAXI MU20-12 Middle 2,9km 37.593895, -1.323556 LAS MINAS 1/5000 No
COAST MINI/MAXI MU20-13 Middle 4.4km 37.56339, -1.31996 SIERRA DE LAS MORERAS 1/7500 No
COAST MINI/MAXI MU20-14 City Sprint 2.4km 37.563797, -1.313583 BOLNUEVO CITY 1/5000 No
COAST MAXI MU20-15 Middle 3,2km 37.482429, -1.463294 CALA BLANCA 1/10000 No
COAST MAXI MU20-16 Middle 6,1km 37.428996, -1.525779 PLAYA DEL ARROZ (CALABARDINA) 1/10000 No


We recommend Hotel Playa Grande, a nicely located beach- front (3 stars) in Puerto de Mazarrón. The hotel has a cosy restaurant and bar with a nice terrace next to the swimming pool. The hotel has double or twin rooms, with private bathrooms.

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Aditional Info

  • Contact us for any question or inquiry
  • Discount of 5% for groups (12p or more)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • NOT included: Rentacar, flights , Entries to competitions