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Welcome to the South, Welcome to Andalucia!



We held 3 very successful Andalucia-O-Meetings in this area and have, over the years, built a solid network of 45sq kms (most of them new or renewed in the last 18 months) of maps around this holiday resort of Punta Umbria. This camp is one of unique ones as it allows you to ‘step out the door’ and start for endless hours and kms of orienteering in varied and challenging trainings, most of them with smooth sandy surface, gentle for the ligaments. The weather conditions are mostly mild, prices very competitive.


This DIY camp is available all year long. However, to note that:
Colored control tapes will be in the forest and regularly checked by our staff  between 05Feb2020 and 15Mar2020.
Rest of year: tapes might still be there but this is not at all guaranteed. You can still train though


Terrains are generally fast to very fast, with lots of details, flat and hilly, sand dunes and pines trees, mixed with some low bushes, especially near the coast. Abundant network of paths.

The sprint maps are in Andalusian white villages, some with very narrow streets and direction changes, others more generic ones.


This camp has >45 sq kms of maps, of which >35sq kms is new or has been reviewed the last 18months. From the hotel area in Punta Umbria, you can run for ca. 15km straight line on a map (>30km back and forth). Find our training offer here. We offer training packages of different sizes (MINI, MAXI, MEGA), depending the duration of your stay and the amount of O-Trainings you want.
As an optional package, we offer 3 original trainings (Sprint, Middle, Long)  in the Minas de RioTinto (Sierra de Aracena), on which a event for Andalucian League was held in Nov 2018. Maps are brand new, terrains very original and the area is perfect for a day trip of orienteering and culture, 1h10min drive from Punta Umbria.

Package Code Training Type Distance GPS Map Name Scale Driving Time* Tapes Dates tapes in forest
MINI-MAXI-MEGA BONUS Middle 5,9 km 37.210243, -7.043013 El Portil 1/10000 9min Yes 05-Feb
MINI-MAXI-MEGA HU20-01 Shortened Long 10 km/ 7,9 km 37.294333, -7.051713 Aljaraque Norte 1/10000 14min Yes


(replacing HU20-11)

Shortened Long 10,8km/7,6km 37.257015, -7.108744 El Gato-Noroeste 1/15000 15min Yes 5-Feb
MINI-MAXI-MEGA HU20-02 Longer Middle 7,3 km/ 5,4 km 37.204883, -7.027242 Pinares de Punta Umbria (La Bota) 1/10000 5min Yes, + night
MINI-MAXI-MEGA HU20-03 Mass start 5,8 km/ 3,2 km 37.257015, -7.108744 Cartaya 1/10000 15min Yes, + night 6-Feb
MINI-MAXI-MEGA HU20-04 picking control 5,1 km/ 3,5 km 37.190510, -6.987483 Pinares de Punta Umbria 1/7500 1min Yes
MINI-MAXI-MEGA HU20-05 Forest Sprint 3,0 km 37.184094, -6.980091 Punta Umbria-Barcelo 1/5000 1min Yes, + night
MINI-MAXI-MEGA HU20-06 Sprint Relay 3,4-3,7 km 37.268044, -7.016305 Aljaraque City 1/5000 11min Yes
MAXI-MEGA HU20-07 Long 13 km/ 8,6 km 37.244756, -7.082562 El Rincon-gato 1/15000 13min Yes 5-Feb
MAXI-MEGA HU20-08 Middle 5,7 km/ 4,2 km 37.274255, -7.089299 Cartaya 1/10000 21min Yes 5-Feb
MAXI-MEGA HU20-09 Multitechnicals 10,3 km/ 7,2 km 37.193634, -6.983853 Pinares de Punta Umbria 1/10000 2min Yes
MAXI-MEGA HU20-10 Intervals 9,4 km/ 5,6 km 37.222904, -7.036136 El Portil 1/10000 8min Yes 5-Feb
MAXI-MEGA HU20-11 Shortened Long 8,4 km/ 6,8 km 37.277839, -7.078821 Aljaraque Norte 1/10000 25min No
MAXI-MEGA HU20-12 Middle 4,9 km/ 3,4 km 37.210201, -7.042724 El Portil Sur 1/7500 7min Yes, + night 3-Feb
MEGA HU20-13 Sprint 4,3 km 37.181674, -6.968904 Punta Umbria 1/4000 5min No
MEGA HU20-14 Middle 5,6 km/ 4 km 37.154643, -6.873657 Mazagón 1/7500 30min No
MEGA HU20-15 Middle 3,9 km 37.010899, -6.564825 Matalascañas 1/7500 50min No
MEGA HU20-16 Long 23,7 km/ 14,9 km 37.257015, -7.108744 Cartaya-Aljaraque-El rincon 1/15000 15min No


We recommend Apartments Leo and Leo Deluxe , located next to Punta Umbria forest just a few steps away from the beach. Their apartments are fully equipped with cooking utensils, microwave, airco, refrigerator, satellite TV, sheets and towels (changed every 4 days). The complexes have an outside swimming pool, one inside spa. 3 types of apartments are offered:

  • Leo: Apt T1 – 2/3pax (1 room double/twin, 1 sofabed)
  • Leo Deluxe: Apt T2 – 3/4pax (1 room double, 1 room twin)
  • Leo Deluxe: Apt T3 – 4/5/6pax (1 room double, 1 room w/ twin beds, 1 room w/ single bed, 1 sofabed)

Book Leo: use PU-SUN-O-20  promo code (code/cupon) for a 5% Sun-O discount.
Book Leo Deluxe: use DLX-SUN-O-20 promo code (code/cupon) for a 5% Sun-O  discount.

—- CLOSED in January and February 2020 —- Located on our training maps,  Hotel Barcelo Punta Umbria Mar **** is located next to Punta Umbria forest just a few steps away from the beach, thanks a the walkway that unites the hotel with the beach. The rooms are large, bright and spacious, equipped with LTV, air conditioning, a safe, mini-bar and sofa, perfect for families to enjoy. It has a great buffet restaurant which offers typical Andalusian cuisine  (tailored to sportive groups) and the snack service. And for those who love to relax, the hotel also features a health and wellness center with a complete massage programme, a heated swimming pool with swan neck showers and a waterfall, a mini pool with hydromassage, a sauna and a Turkish bath.


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Aditional Info

  • Contact us for any question or inquiry
  • Discount of 5% for groups (12p or more)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • NOT included: Rentacar, flights , Entries to competitions