Sun-O | Granada DIY Camp
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Welcome to the South, Welcome to Andalucia!



Technically amazing, Great camp, please do more’ is summarizing the feedback we received from the few groups who tested our ‘new’ camp in 2018. Granada has very interesting terrain, is culturally varied and visited and actually gives you the option to sleep at ‘sea level’ or at ‘altitude’ (Sierra Nevada ski resort).


This DIY camp is available all year long. However, to note that:
Colored control tapes will be in the forest and regularly checked by our staff  between 15Feb2019 and 15Mar2019.
Rest of year: tapes might still be there but this is not at all guaranteed.


Terrains are know to be technically and physically challenging, between 500 and 1500ms of altitude, ocated in the Huetor and Guadix Sierra’s east of Granada. Some of the higher areas can have snow during winter season, so this camp is best from end of February onwards.



We offer training packages of different sizes (MINI, MAXI), depending the duration of your stay and the amount of O-Trainings you want.

Package Code Training Type Distance GPS Map Name Scale Driving Time Tapes
MINI-MAXI GR18-01 City Sprint 3,0k 37.303454, -3.133513 Guadix 1/4000 00:32 No
MINI-MAXI GR18-02 Long 11,5k 37.293902, -3.455647 Las Mimbres 1/10000 00:19 Yes
MINI-MAXI GR18-03 Shortened Long(no paths) 10,7k 37.265641, -3.431031 El Pozuelo 1/10000 00:23 Yes
MINI-MAXI GR18-04 Long 9,6/5,4k 37.361358, -3.159043 Benalua 1/7500 00:39 Yes
MINI-MAXI GR18-05 Middle 7/5,3k 37.293902, -3.455647 Las Mimbres 1/10000 00:14 Yes, + night
MAXI GR18-06 Middle 6,3 k 37.237429, -3.537269 Viznar 1/10000 00:11 No
MAXI GR18-07 (longer) Middle 7,2/5,5k 37.335028, -3.131440 La Rambla del agua (Guadix) 1/10000 00:39 No
MAXI GR18-08 Multitechniques 13,2/7,7k 37.306881, -3.463688 Las Mimbres 1/10000 00:19 No
MAXI GR18-09 Middle 5,2k/3,9k 37.272084, -3.093632 Valle del Zabalí 1/10000 00:38 No
MAXI GR18-10 Mix sprint (forest/urban) 2.7 kms 37.189427, -3.599712  Campus La Cartuja 1/4000 00:13 No

* from recommended hotel/restaurant Rutas de Lorca (Alfacar/Viznar)


Hospederia Ruta de Lorca is based in little town Alfacar (8km from Granada center) and 3km from the first O-maps. The hotel has 19 classic styled rooms and has a big restaurant with typical Andalusian food. we had a few small groups here in 2018, all happy with the (basic) rooms and nice food.  booking.

Apartamentos Aguas de Viznar is another nice alternative for bigger groups as they have multiple apartments of different sizes and qualities. in 2018 we had a big group here and they were satisfied. booking


Sponsors & Partners

Aditional Info

  • Contact us for any question or inquiry
  • Discount of 5% for groups (12p or more)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • NOT included: Rentacar, flights , Entries to competitions