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Welcome to the South, Welcome to Andalucia!



This is our signature camp and the most visited one, far South in Andalusia, with more than 400 permanent controls and ca. 32 sq kms of varied and gentle sand dune terrain, most of it very recently made or reviewed by our cartographers. This camp is quite unique as it is ‘step out the door’ of the apartment and start orienteering. The weather conditions are mostly mild, prices very competitive. Apart from forest terrains, this part of Andalusia has multiple white villages, superb for Sprint orienteering!


This DIY camp is available all year long. However, to note that:

  • Colored control tapes/stripes will be in the forest and regularly checked by our staff between 14Jan2020 and 15Mar2020.
  • Rest of year: tapes might still be there however this is not at all guaranteed.


Terrains are generally fast to very fast, with lots of details, flat and hilly, sand dunes and pines, mixed with some low bushes, especially near the coast.

The sprint maps are in fantastic Andalusian white villages, often challenging with narrow streets and corners, low in traffic.


We had cartographers reviewing 7sq kms of the Barbate forests in Nov18 and 5sq kms early 2017. All sprint maps have also been fine-tuned this year.

We offer training packages of different sizes (MINI, MAXI, MEGA), depending the duration of your stay and the amount of O-Trainings you want.

Package Code Training Type Distance (km) GPS Map Name Scale Tapes
MINI-MAXI-MEGA Forest Sprint 2.5km 36.188761, -6.011698 Canos sprint 1/5000 Yes
MINI-MAXI-MEGA Prolog+Final 2.2+2.9km 36.193785, -5.994206 La Brena 1/10000 Yes, + night
MINI-MAXI-MEGA City Sprint 3km 36.255411, -5.968085 Vejer 1/4000 No



Long 14.5km(10.3km) 36.190374, -5.943568 La Brena 1/15000 Yes
MINI-MAXI-MEGA Mass start 5.4km(4.2km3.0km) 36.080558, -5.758903 Lentiscal 1/10000 Yes
MINI-MAXI-MEGA Middle 5.5km(3.6km) 36.193785, -5.994206 La Brena 1/10000 Yes, + night
MINI-MAXI-MEGA Long 15.2km (8km12km13.6km)) 36.196901, -5.981777 La Brena 1/15000 Yes
MAXI-MEGA Multitechnicals 9,5km 36.191172, -5.928618 La Brena 1/10000 Yes
MAXI-MEGA Middle 4.7(3.2)km 36.066755, -5.726915 Lentiscal 1/10000 Yes
MAXI-MEGA Intervals 6.4km 36.195613, -5.927084 La Brena 1/10000 Yes, + night
MAXI-MEGA Snake 11.1km(3.1+2.7+2.2+2.1km) 36.196901, -5.981777 La Brena 1/10000 Yes
MAXI-MEGA Intervals 6.9km 36.198510, -6.018151 La Brena 1/10000 Yes
MAXI-MEGA City Sprint 5km(2.8km) 36.453779, -5.927639 Medina-Sidonia 1/4000 No
MEGA City Sprint 4.5km 36.276043, -6.093051 Conil 1/4000 No
MEGA Multitechnicals 6.7km  (4km) 36.066755, -5.726915 Lentiscal 1/10000 Yes
MEGA Shortened Long 9.2km (4.2km) 36.188761, -6.011698 La Brena 1/10000 Yes
MEGA City Sprint 4km 36.346936, -5.813658 Benalup 1/4000 No
MEGA Snake 14.6 (9km+5.6km) 36.200415, -5.951960 La Brena 1/10000 No


Located on our training maps,  we recommend Apartamentos CanosDeMeca, a 3 star complex with full equipped apartments (2/4/5p) in the village of Canos De Meca, at 50ms from the beach Atlantic Ocean. Amenities:

  • Free WIFI
  • Outside swimming pool (not heated)
  • Possibility to book half board or full board accommodation (for groups only, ask us for more info).
  • Physio service and projector for team meetings  can be provided upon request
  • A covered swimming pool, for recovery or alternative training, is available in Conil, 15kms away
  • We can also put you in touch with mountain or road bikes rental services, based in Conil, who can deliver bikes to the apartments (Conil Bikes) or (Cameleon Sports) or (Bike Rental Vejer de la Frontera)
  • Barbate has a few fitness/gyms which will receive you with open arms!
  • Athletics Tracks are available in Chiclana de la Frontera (35km) and Medina Sidonia (44km)

Where and how to arrive

Sponsors & Partners

Aditional Info

  • Contact us for any question or inquiry
  • Discount of 5% for groups (12p or more)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • NOT included: Rentacar, flights , Entries to competitions