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Welcome to the camp Alicante/Murcia, based in the legendary Guardamar!



At this camp we include all the possible training options in the South East of Spain, with two headquarters: Guardamar (Alicante area) and Bullas (Murcia area). During your camp, you can just stay at one of the areas with short time driving, drive a bit more to get some good maps from the neighbor area, or split the accommodation in two periods to get the best of each area. You decide!

About the Alicante terrain, Guardamar offers sweet sand-dune terrains next to the Mediterranean. Alicante is a classical. This camp is quite unique as it is ‘step out the door’ of the bungalows and start orienteering. The camping we recommend has well equipped bungalows, a fitness areas and spa, all on the map! Sun-O owns the last versions (together with the local O-club) of the sand dunes in Guardamar, which are yearly updated.

In Murcia you can enjoy with a demanding terrain with many details and moderate climbing. Among the most popular places, you have the opportunity to run in Coto Maravillas (World Cup 2014 terrain) and some cool sprint maps as Cehegín. If you want to visit the Murcia coast as well, you won’t be dissapointed with the nice areas in Aguilas, Calabardina, Mazarrón…


This DIY camp is available all year long. In addition,

  • Colored control tapes will be in the forest and regularly checked by our staff  between 15Jan2022 and 15Mar2022
  • Rest of year: tapes might still be there but this is not at all guaranteed. You can still train though

There are several permanent and organised (sportident) trainings for you to do the days before the event. You can book complete packages including accomodation but also maps only!

SportIdent trainings*

Code Date Time Map Type Parking
MU22-02 07-mar 10-12am Burete (Cehegín) Control Picking 38.051051, -1.750386
MU22-05 08-mar 10-12am La Copa (Bullas) Mass start 38.093720, -1.661894
MU22-01 09-mar 10-12am Coto Maravillas (Cehegín) Middle 38.134840, -1.731079
MU22-08 10-mar 10-12am Fuente La Higuera (Yecla) Mass start 38.594349, -1.152327

*(this trainings will be active with SI system at the times below, the rest of the time they will be marked with regular tapes)

*(book your map through our system and just go to the place with your map, no need for pre-registration).


Terrains in Alicante are next to La Marina, mostly coastal sand dunes, pine forest, very fast and detailed.

Terrains in Murcia have been used for Wold Cup 2014; are rough, with pine forest and semi-open, detailed, plenty of valleys, spurs, gullies and gentle climbs.


Plenty of challenging o-trainings, varied in types and terrains. You can have your own plan and order the maps you want of each training. If you don’t want to think too much, we recommend to take the trainings following the list (for example, if you want 6 trainings in Alicante, take the 6 first ones).

Our prices:

  • < 6 maps: 6 euros/map
  • 6-8 maps: 5,50 euros/map
  • 9-11 maps: 5 euros/map
  • >11 maps: 4,50 euros/map


The discount applies to the amount of copies per person. (For example, if the group is composed by 8 people who order 75 maps, 75/8= 9,40 maps/person, so the price is 5 euros/map)

Alicante area

Code Training Type Distance Map Name Location Scale Markings
AL22-01 Middle 6,2 Guardamar Norte 38.128037, -0.647638 10000 YES
AL22-02 One Man Relay 7,7 La Mata 38.048087, -0.657249 10000 YES
AL22-03 Mass start 4,8 Guardamar Sur 38.101088, -0.654639 10000 YES
AL22-04 Shortened long 7,4 El Molar Oeste 38.143440, -0.673025 15000 YES
AL22-05 City Sprint 2,6 La Torrera 37.993196, -0.693237 4000 NO
AL22-06 Prologue+Final 5,4 Guardamar Norte 38.140545, -0.636461 10000 YES
AL22-07 Middle 4,1 El Molar 38.136030, -0.688943 10000 YES
AL22-08 Mass start 5,1 La Mata 38.048087, -0.657249 10000 YES
AL22-09 Prologue+Final 6,2 Guardamar Sur 38.101088, -0.654639 7500 YES
AL22-10 Shortened long 6,6 La Mata 38.048087, -0.657249 10000 YES
AL22-11 City Sprint 2,6 Cabo Cervera 38.003275, -0.653202 4000 NO
AL22-12 Shortened long 7 Santa Pola 38.230499, -0.549015 10000 YES
AL22-13 Middle 4 Serra Grossa 38.354589, -0.469653 7500 YES
AL22-14 Short JWOC2002 4,6 Guardamar Sur 38.090322, -0.650810 10000 YES
AL22-15 Only contours 10,7 Guardamar Norte 38.140545, -0.636461 10000 NO
AL22-16 Middle 5 Arenales 38.259763, -0.518358 5000 NO
AL22-17 City Sprint 3,5 Santa Barbara 38.346205, -0.476868 4000 NO
AL22-18 Long 9 Guardamar Norte 38.128037, -0.647638 10000 NO
AL22-19 Middle 4,2 Carabasi 38.236525, -0.518494 10000 NO

Murcia area

Code Training Type Distance Map Name Location Scale Markings
MU22-01 Middle 6 km COTO MARAVILLAS 38.134840, -1.731079 1/10000 YES
MU22-02 Control picking 5,7 km BURETE 38.049899, -1.753316 1/10000 YES
MU22-03 City Sprint 3,7 km CEHEGÍN CITY (Isom2019) 38.096576, -1.801767 1/4000 NO
MU22-04 Long 10,6 km COTO MARAVILLAS 38.156148, -1.704752 1/15000 YES
MU22-05 Mass start 5,2 km LA COPA 38.093720, -1.661894 1/10000 YES
MU22-06 Middle 5,5 km LA MUELA 37.866309, -1.439227 1/10000 YES
MU22-07 1 Man Relay 6,6 km COTO CUADROS 38.082870, -1.094113 1/10000 YES
MU22-08 Mass start 5 km FUENTE LA HIGUERA (Yecla) 38.594349, -1.152327 1/10000 YES
MU22-09 Shortened Long 7,6 km FUENTE LA HIGUERA (Yecla) 38.594349, -1.152327 1/15000 YES
MU22-10 Middle 5,3 km CALARES DE JUANA 37.822307, -1.489545 1/7500 YES
MU22-11 Middle 4,6 km SIERRA DEL CURA – Los Forestales 37.918155, -1.374397 1/10000 YES
MU22-12 City Sprint 3.1 km Lorca City 37.680037, -1.696932 1/4000 NO
MU22-13 City Sprint 2.9 km Lorca City 37.680037, -1.696932 1/4000 NO
MU22-14 Middle 5 km EL OASIS 37.709831, -1.677462 1/7500 YES
MU22-15 City Sprint 3,8 km ÁGUILAS CITY 37.404946, -1.578534 1/4000 NO
MU22-16 Shortened Long 8.2 km EL MOLINO DEL RIO 38.071232, -1.948482 1/15000 NO
MU22-17 Middle 4.4 km LAS MINAS Mazarrón 37.595610, -1.326672 1/5000 NO
MU22-18 Shortened Long 5 km SIERRA DE LAS MORERAS 37.563349, -1.320131 1/10000 NO
MU22-19 Middle 3,6 km CALA BLANCA 37.482757, -1.464295 1/7500 NO
MU22-20 Middle 5,1 km PLAYA DEL ARROZ (CALABARDINA) 37.431427, -1.520315 1/7500 NO
MU22-21 Shortened Long 6,9 km SIERRA ESPUÑA 37.868750, -1.521370 1/10000 NO
MU22-22 Shortened Long 8,3 km COTO CUADROS 38.076397, -1.150714 1/10000 YES
MU22-23 City Sprint 4,2 km BULLAS CITY (Isom2019) 38.045814, -1.675092 1/5000 NO
MU22-24 Long 9,1 km PINOSO 38.377992, -1.019391 1/10000 NO
MU22-25 Sprint 3.8 km BOLNUEVO CITY 37.564032, -1.313632 1/5000 NO


We partner with camping La MARINA, (see booking info below), 5 stars, amongthe best rated in Europe (ADAC), with probably one of the nicest sports facilities of the area. Situated in La Marina/Guardamar (30 km south of Alicante), right next to some of the training maps. The 4 person 35sqm luxe bungalows consist of 2 bedrooms (1 double bed + 2/3 single beds), 1 living room and full equipped kitchen, bathroom incl wc-lavabo-shower, television. Services include water, gas, electricity + regular room cleaning with fresh sheets and towels. The complex has a restaurant (good price/quality), mini golf, bar, meeting room facilities and free WIFI. The camping is the perfect starting point for hours of orienteering in the wonderful pine-forest dunes surrounding the area, next to the ocean. Before and after the orienteering, you can relax or cross-train in the gymnasium (fitness) area which is of free access to customers.  The wonderful SPA (dynamic pool with water volcanoes, bubble beds, underwater jets and jacuzzi, sauna’s etc) has an entry fee! The complex has a restaurant with quite  For bigger groups, we recommend to pre-order this (please tell us).

TO GET THE BEST DEAL: Booking through this link. with the following promo/coupon code, you receive 5% discount: SUNO2021 (valid from 1/11/2021 to 31/3/2022).

Please note that the promo code only applies to the ‘only lodgement/accomodation’ rates – you will be able to add your breakfast, half board or full board as additional option at the end of your reservation or in the remarks field and please note that food rates are the same online as in-situ.
Step by step: input date of arrival and departure, select: bungalow. select: free search. select the bungalow of your choice, click book on formula ‘only lodgement’. select nb  of persons. input SUNO2021 in coupon code. you will notice that 5% discount is applied. select additional food options here or include your food need in the remarks section(rates range from 9.5 Eur for breakfast to 29.5 Eur Full Board). If you want to book several bungalows, click on back to select other bungalows to your cart. if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us


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Sponsors & Partners

Aditional Info

  • Contact us for any question or inquiry
  • Discount of 5% for groups (12p or more)
  • Travel insurance is not included
  • NOT included: Rentacar, flights , Entries to competitions